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My name is Scott Lowe and I am the owner/operator of My Massage Therapist.  I am a Certified Massage Therapist and a Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapist.  
  When I was a young, my father injured his back while at work.  He went to see a chiropractor in our town and after a few sessions had much improvement.  I was very frail as a child and didn't have much of an appetite so my father took me to see the chiropractor.  Even though I was little, I still remember seeing the reflexology charts on the walls and him palpating my feet and hands.  His treatment plan worked for me and I became much healthier.  This made a huge impact on my life and showed me how alternative medicine and treatment can help others.
  After I graduated from high school, I went to work for a small factory that made vinyl wall-covering.  I worked in the inspection and shipping departments.  The time spent here was extremely valuable.  It taught me to pay attention to detail and that customer service has to be the highest priority.  I enjoyed my time there very much but after nearly 21 years of service, I needed something more challenging in my life.  
  I began to think about how I could help people and make an impact in their lives.  I needed something more than what a paycheck could provide.  It was during this time a friend of my wife suggested that she go see a massage therapist in the area.  She came home feeling great and asked if I would like to make an appointment.  I had a great experience with the chiropractor years ago, but had never seen a massage therapist. After one visit, my life was changed! I felt better and rejuvenated! As I began to see the therapist each month, I would spend the entire session asking questions about her training, experiences, and overall views of massage therapy.  After over a year of getting treatment and asking questions, she suggested that I go to their school in Alexandria, IN and talk to the instructors.
  After taking a tour, they answered all my questions and opened my eyes to the wonderful opportunities to help those in need using massage therapy.  After this visit, talking with my wife and much prayer, I decided this was the path that I needed to take for my new career.  After graduating in the summer of 2015, I also received training in Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy.  This is incredible work and the results of those that I've worked with thus far have blessed my life.  I am very thankful for the training that I received and have vowed to uphold the standards set by my instructors.
  I feel very blessed and honored to be a massage therapist.  As I join this wonderful profession of massage therapy, I humbly enter this field with the life experiences of a mature adult combined with the excitement and energy of a young man.  My vision is to know you as an individual, not a number or an injury.  I am a very caring person, willing to listen to you and your needs.  I will help you to the best of my abilities.  My hope is for you to say "That is MY Massage Therapist"!
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