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What can you expect from a visit to Grant Family Chiropractic?

  On your initial visit, I will provide a no-charge consultation to you.  This will allow you to meet the staff and myself with no commitment attached.  If I feel that you could benefit from chiropractic care, I will do a complete health history, examination and x-rays (if needed).

  I will review your findings in great detail and on the following day present to you the findings and proposed care plan.  You will begin your adjustments on that day and any therapy treatments that your condition may necessitate.  

  I use chiropractic adjustments, exercise therapy and other adjunctive modalities to correct the cause of your condition, and not just treat the symptoms.  Each patient's treatment is tailored to the individual and their problem.  We pay attention to the little details because it is those details that make a big difference.

  Grant Family Chiropractic is a full service chiropractic clinic that focuses on obtaining quick recovery and return to daily activities without problem recurrence.  We utilize manual chiropractic adjustments and support that may include rehabilitative exercises, physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, home exercises, soft tissue therapy, outside referral and x-rays as necessary.  

  Our practice specializes in treating a variety of conditions.  We treat patients daily who suffer from chronic lower back pain and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorders, auto accidents and many more.  Our care is unique.  We provide for our patients; chiropractic care, exercise therapy, as well as professional ergonomic advice.

  Chiropractic is growing rapidly as a preferred and natural family health alternative.  I am committed to providing scientific information, medical guidance to all those who desire great health.

What Conditions Do We Treat?

Technically speaking, I do not treat any condition.  I find that when the nervous system is not functioning properly, then a multitude of symptoms will arise from this imbalance.  My goal is to balance out the nervous system, and let the body heal itself.  When the nervous system is balanced, then symptoms that we experience will start to disappear.  Some of the common symptoms/conditions that have been resolved from balancing out the nervous system are:

- Asthma               
- Bursitis                
- Carpel Tunnel
- Colic                               
- Fibromyalgia              
- Low Back Pain              
- Migraines                    
- Osteoarthritis     
- Osteoporosis                 
- Sciatica              
- Scoliosis
- Tension Headaches  
- Torticollis                        
- Whiplash

What is a Subluxation (misalignment)?

When one or more vertebrae lose their normal position, they interfere with the nerves they were meant to protect.  When this occurs, it disturbs communication with the Central Nervous System causing interference in your body.  This interference causes pressure and irritation on the nerve as they pass out of the spinal column.  This misalignment is called a subluxation and is the most common aspect of the vertebral subluxation complex.

Your body can be malfunctioning for months, even years, before you experience any symptoms.  Since symptoms are always the last to show up and the first to disappear, it is important to monitor the function of your nervous system.

If you have any questions, please call our office at: (317) 219-0354.

How do children benefit from chiropractic?

Children can benefit from care before they are born, by having a mother who receives prenatal chiropractic checkups.  A healthy diet, proper exercise, a stress-free environment, and a chiropractic lifestyle help prepare for a happy, healthy baby.

Chiropractic adjustments are modified to fit the child's size, weight, and unique spinal problem.  Parents often report that their children seem healthier than other kids their age.

Many spinal problems seen in adults begin in childhood.  Proper spinal hygiene is an important key to better health.  Regular chiropractic checkups are helpful to monitor spinal development as infants sit upright, support their heads, learn to crawl and take their first brave steps.

Chiropractic care for children has been effective in the treatment of: asthma, allergies, colic, ear infections, headaches, hyperactivity, childhood fevers, bed-wetting, upper respiratory infections and sports injuries.

What is the Insight Discovery Subluxation Station?

   Grant Family Chiropractic is proud to announce the newest piece of technology in the chiropractic industry, the Insight Subluxation Station.  This equipment accurately measures nervous system function.  Knowing that your nervous system controls every function of your body, this will enable us to individually tailor your care plan!!  Now, you as the practice member, can see how well your nervous system is working and focus on improving your health.

Why does Dr. Grant use this device?

   Our purpose is to detect abnormal function in the spine which cannot be seen on x-ray. Abnormal spinal function causes abnormal nervous system disturbances.  Since symptoms are always the last to show up and the first to disappear, it is important to monitor the function of your nervous system, which is why Dr. Grant utilizes the Insight Millenium Subluxation Station.

   Dr. Grant wants the best results for her patients.  She can easily monitor your changes through periodic progress exams.  It has been proven that a very slight amount of pressure can disturb nervous system communication whether or not symptoms are present!  Monitoring the function of your nervous system is vital in improving your health and well-being.

    * It detects areas of nerve disturbance

    * It documents and monitors your results

    * It assists the Doctor in delivering appropriate chiropractic care

How does the Insight Discovery work?

1.  Surface Electromyography (sEMG scan)

This measures the electrical current of your muscles.  Your muscles are controlled by your nerves.  The sEMG reads the amount of electric current in you muscles to determine how well your motor nerves are functioning.  Subluxations (misalignments of the spine) disturb nerve function and cause an abnormal amount of electrical current to flow to your muscles.  These are indicated by abnormal patterns in the scan.  This causes muscle imbalances in your body.  Muscle balance is very important because vertebrae in the spine depend on the muscles to move properly.  Abnormal currents determine the presence of muscle imbalances.  As a result, the muscles can become weaker or stronger, tighter, or fatigued.

2.  Thermal Scan

This measures temperature differences.  A normal body temperature should have equal temperatures on the left and right sides of the spine.  Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and the blood vessels under the skin work as the body's thermostat.  When there is disturbance somewhere in the nervous system, the blood vessels are disturbed and it causes the body's thermostat to malfunction.  This results in an imbalance in temperature readings along the spine.

3. Range of Motion (ROM)

This measures how well your body moves in different directions.  In a properly working body, you should be able to move equally in all directions.  If you have a disturbance in your body, it will manifest itself through limited and / or asymmetrical range of motion.

4.  Algometer

5.  Pulse Wave Profiler (Heart Rate Variability

Does the Insight Millenium scans hurt?

   No.  The tests are completely non-invasive; they do not use needles, electrical shock or heat.  It is designed to receive important information from your central nervous system.

How will this test benefit me?

   For years, a concern of the public has been, "Why do I have to keep going back to the Chiropractor when I am pain-free?" or "How do I know if I am getting the proper amount of adjustments?"

   Now you are able to actually see the changes, and it will be easier to understand the amount and type of care you are receiving.  This technology has allowed Dr. Grant to provide an individual care plan to fit your specific needs.

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